The Restless Times Issue Three

Dearest Readers,

May has arrived! For us at The Restless Times, April was a month of hardship and determination. Our staff were each going through intense amounts of stress, but they stayed determined and kept their heads down in order to bring you Issue Three. And I think this act of determination is what characterises┬áthis issue. Every piece is written with fire and relentlessness. The scope of the issue, which explores topics both hopeful and saddening, really ripped me to pieces when I did the final read through. You can see our staff’s determination and brilliance in every word and you can see the struggles that they went through in order to help change the world.

Every little piece of sunshine needs to be stored. If you are going through a hard time and everything feels as if it’s going to make your ever-tightening chest burst, please look up at the stars or out of your window. Feel the determination of the Earth to keep surviving and copy it. May will be hard for many people, but I hope that this newspaper does its best to bring you a ray of sun and a sparkle of a star to keep in your drawer.

You can read Issue Three here!

Best wishes,

Darcy Campbell


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1 thought on “The Restless Times Issue Three”

  • I’m so incredibly proud of all of you!!! This issue looks amazing, and as always, so lucky and grateful to work with such beautiful girls xo

    Beyond excited for everything to come!

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