The Restless Times Issue Four

The Restless Times Issue Four

Dearest Readers,

June has arrived and so has the months of unsettling cold and swirling cups of coffee (for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway.) Whether in summer or winter, the middle of the year often brings intense polarities: fear and excitement, happiness and sadness, newness and staleness, warmth and the cold.

These polarities can often create a disturbing restlessness, as the individual does not know where they should stand. They are swirled out of place by the extremes. I intend for this issue of the newspaper to give you a way to voice that restlessness. I want you to be able to release the suffering by finding a way to help the world.

This issue of the newspaper is full of vibrancy and colour, intensity and lightness, exuberance, and above all: passion. I hope it helps you to find your own inner light in June.

Click here to read Issue Four.

Lots of love,

Darcy Campbell

Editor-in-Chief of The Restless Times.

(Photography by Matenia Altikatis)

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