Frank Ocean’s Comeback

Frank Ocean’s Comeback

This article is written by the talented Matenia. She is a beautiful photographer, avid music listener, and kind person. You can find her other works in our previous issues, as well as on her blog

After his album “Channel Orange” with hits like “Thinking Bout You” or “Super Rich Kids”, Frank Ocean took a long hiatus, leaving his fans heartbroken, yet anxiously anticipating the release of new music. After 4 years of no new releases and 3 years of no performances, Frank came back and he came back hard.

He released 2 new albums, “Blonde”, and “Endless”, which is a soundtrack alongside a 46 min. video. After these albums dropped, fans were at bay, but still awaiting an announcement from Ocean of a tour. However, it was not until recently he began performing again.

At his performance at Panorama in New York City, which was his third performance since his break, Ocean donned blue hair and a shirt with the phrase:

“Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”

Photo courtesy of @angelaweissphoto


In light of recent political happenings i.e Trump’s military transgender ban, Ocean seemed to express his dismay without having to really say anything at all. When he began, the crowd was mesmerized. It was as if Ocean had transported them somewhere else. Despite the masses of people, it was quiet and calm. The entire set kept everyone’s gaze locked on Ocean. This is the return everyone had been waiting for.

And it was definitely worth the wait.

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