Issue Eight: October

Issue Eight: October

Dearest Readers,

I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone.

In this past month alone, we have faced multiple global crises and heartbreak, heightening political tensions, and had to rebuild cities from the floodwaters.

In our own personal lives, we’ve faced numerous challenges that have broken us and lifted us up. And I truly think that this past September has been one of the most tumultuous September’s we’ve seen in a long time.

But October has come and we have a fresh start.

A fresh start to recognise the grief but to ultimately let it go in order to find happiness. A fresh start to come back harder against the systems that have trapped us. A fresh start to better ourselves and the world around us.

And while I’ve never truly been a massive fan of the whole ‘fresh start’ idea (simply because I don’t think we need the calendar to tell us when to start being better people), I believe that the warm spring air that has settled in around my hometown will bring kindness, creativity, and love.

I hope you love this issue. It is the product of a whole lot of feeling and heartbreak, happiness, and restlessness. I am sending you so much joy and light, my dear readers.

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Stay Restless,

Darcy Campbell

Editor-in-Chief of The Restless Times

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