Restlessness: an energy that exists within an individual, encouraging the creation of artwork and ideas in order to benefit the good of the world.


My name is Darcy Campbell, and I am the editor-in-chief of The Restless Times, but this newspaper is about so much more than me and my ideas. It is a kaleidoscope of that brutal youth energy that tends to tear us apart, ideas from artists around the world, creative expression from youths who want change just as badly as adult activists that want change, the angry teenagers who are mad at the government and only want peace, and the happy children who see the beauty of the world in the way that adults no longer seem to be able to.

There is no single way that I can define this newspaper, because finding a definition for this project is impossible. How can words describe the way that this newspaper is a product of the way this generation feels? Words such as pride, anger, love, joy, determination, frustration, sadness, and motivation do not begin to cover what is in the beating of our hearts. These words cannot capture how the authors, photographers, and editors of The Restless Times feel.

All I can say about the newspaper in a defining sort of way is this:

This newspaper is not an easy thing to read. It is full of extreme emotions: anger, love, depression, and joy. It is full of new ideas that present both our hypocrisies and our brilliance. It points out what needs to change and what is beautiful. It demands change but also gives kindness and compassion. It asks for rebellion. And above all, it generates restlessness energy.

I hope that this newspaper gives you whatever you need in life right now in order for you to be able to create and enjoy beauty. I hope this newspaper encourages you to help change the parts of this world that need to be changed and savour the parts that transcend into the magical.