A Summary on Victim Blaming: For Children

Despite the relentless attempts of activists, women, and (most importantly) victims, there are still people in this world that blame the victim of violence and not the abuser. So for all of the children out there (children is actually an inadequate term as even children […]

The Terrible Irony

It’s terribly ironic that the most rewarding thing on Earth can quickly become the most punishing. I made the choice at a very young age to become the most creative individual I could be. This decision led to multiple endeavours such as a poetry stall […]

The Restless Times Issue Three

Dearest Readers, May has arrived! For us at The Restless Times, April was a month of hardship and determination. Our staff were each going through intense amounts of stress, but they stayed determined and kept their heads down in order to bring you Issue Three. […]

Issue Two: The Restless Times

April is finally upon us, meaning that Issue Two of our newspaper is being released. The writers, photographers, and editors have worked with tremendous energy and brilliance to create an issue all about creativity. I hope you enjoy reading the articles that explore the topics […]

Positivity is Our Resistance

Positivity is Our Resistance

Every day we are bombarded with such an overload of news about politics, wars, and assaults that it slowly drains our hope for humanity and this world. We are fed with so much negativity it makes it so hard to see the world as a […]

The Restless Times Issue One: March

Dearest Readers, After a month of hard work and passion, our writers, editors, and photographers have pieced together the very first issue of The Restless Times Newspaper! Our hearts, blood, and souls have been poured into every word you are about to read. The newspaper […]